Monday, December 19, 2011

Lot 169...

So this is the initial kick-off post for this blog.

After a 8 month house search, we finally came around to new construction.  It was the only way we could get exactly what we wanted in the location we wanted without significant compromise.    And in the end, the cost ended up being less than most of the houses we had been looking at.

We talked to several builders in the area, but we kept coming back to Ryan Homes.   They had the layout we wanted, the perfect location, and seemed to be very stable in the area (adding new communities and selling consistently, not pulling out of communities).   What really sealed the deal for me was their willingness to let us go through under construction houses to see the quality to be expected.   And we took them up on this.   We saw all stages from foundation only, to pre-drywall, post-drywall to finished (closing the next day).    Our sales rep definitely went the extra mile to change my pre-existing perceptions of their construction quality.  

More info on the initial process in subsequent posts, but -- sometime around mid June we should be moving in.

Eventually it will look like ^^^THIS^^^
...but now it looks like this