Thursday, July 12, 2012

+35 days, 30 Day Inspection tomorrow

I know I have been seriously missing from Blog land since closing, but it has been a hectic month.   We have a baby on the way in 1 month, so getting settled in as soon as possible was very important.

Anyway,   We have our 30 day (35 actually) inspection tomorrow.   There have been a few growing pains in the first month, but nothing crazy.  There was the early on dishwasher pump issue.   Then a week after that I found a bolt from the garage door had dropped out and nearly hit my car.   Turns out they install the doors and THEN the drywall so the drywall guys move the doors and hope they hit the studs again after they put the drywall in.   They had 2 bolts actually into wood of the 8 holding up the 2 doors...   Door installers came out and fixed/adjusted everything, but the moral is add this to the list of things to check.   Door guy had a 2" nail that he poked into the drywall.  More than 1/4" and it wasn't hitting wood...

Finally last week the AC froze up twice.   HVAC crew came out and we have a leak in the evaporator coil (outside part).   They recharged it and said it may be up to 2 weeks to get the part.  Then PM tells me we were the first of 4 in the neighborhood, so apparently there is a defect from the factory...  He made them come out today (4 days later) and recharge the entire neighborhood just in case.   Ours was already down almost a pound of coolant (of 7), so the leak is definitely small but active.  

On the projects front -- I have the media room installation done, and just in time for the olympics into football season :-)   Projector mounting was a bit tricky around the HVAC soffits, but with a little improvisation there is now a 110" screen in a 20x12' room, and it has no windows, so the projector is perfect.

After our meeting with the PM tomorrow I will get a update out with all the little things I had him take care of.