Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lot Staked!

I stopped by tonight on a hunch and we got to see our house staked out for the first time.  I was just here on Tuesday, so this was a very welcome surprise.   I am pretty sure our side yard is larger than the back yard, which is interesting.  The house is a set distance from the front and side yards (30' and 15' maybe?), and not just centered on the lot, so with wide corner lots it gives you a big side.   

The mounting pole for the temporary electric was in too.   I'm guessing digging on the 5th is probably a firm date at this point.

From the front street towards the door (looking South)

Back of our lot looking North towards the Courtland under construction, Lots sold on either side  

East from the House line towards neighbor's foundation. 

Standing on curb of driveway looking into garage (East)

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