Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Start Date and Neighbor Mistake

I knew the original start date had to be optimistic.  Unless they were planning for serious issues, the house would have been done nearly a month early.

Anyway,  today I got a new date for groundbreaking from our Sales Rep --  March 5th.   That puts completion for very late May, and perfect for a Early to Mid June closing like we wanted.

In other news -- the Courtland across the street is coming along fast.  3 weeks ago they were about to dig, and last time I drove through there the roof was going on.   5 days after they poured the basement.

Our neighbor next door is under construction now also (Ravena).   Sort of a funny story about that one.  We are both on corner lots, and I drove through after work a few weeks ago and theirs was staked out.   Only it was on the wrong street (of the corner lot), so basically it was turned 90 degrees.   I thought this was sort of strange, but liked that their back yard would face our side yard.  Sucks for the people across the streets view though.

  I mentioned it to the sales rep when I called her about something, and she said there was no way it was staked out wrong.   I told her either the ravena is only about 25 feet wide in the front or it is off.       Needless to say, I was right.   I drove through a week later and it was moved.     I have been checking the County permits website to see if they were filed for our lot, and the notes on the neighbors lot are sort of funny.   Footing inspection was canceled 3 times because not only was it staked out wrong, but the plans were wrong.   They had to adjust and get them re-approved before the dig.    I wonder  at what point they would have noticed if I didn't say anything.   The plans matched the stakes -- but didn't match what the neighbor expected.   Could have been an expensive mistake.

Mistakes can obviously happen, but this is why I plan to, and will be following my construction like it is my job.



  1. Wow...that is a huge mistake! They are lucky you said something.

  2. When I stopped by earlier in the week our Sales Rep confirmed it was a mistake, and not my imagination. Apparently they noticed it during the pre-construction meeting the day after I mentioned it and it became obvious as soon as the plans came out. New plans had to be ordered, county approved, etc. I bet it was an expensive mess.