Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is why they install Sump Pumps... Day 2

I stopped by today to see if they finished digging yet (20% left maybe...) and there is definitely some ground water.  It rained about 1" the day before they dug (day 0), but nothing overnight.

This will all get picked up by the drainage under the foundation and pumped out by the sump pump, but this convinced me to get a inline 2nd pump and battery backup.    Interesting how the half of the hole near the driveway is very dry though.

See the trace amount yesterday (lower left corner)
Today there was a bunch more
Same angle as the Day 1 shot, see all the new water...
Better  angle..
Photosynth Pano of the whole dig.  Neighbor house is distorted by the Pano, Driveway visable to left.

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