Friday, March 9, 2012

...And They're Off... Day 1

Well,   rain delayed them a day, but today the heavy equipment was out digging basically on schedule.   Honestly it was a little less exciting than I had expected.  

Our PM had called me this morning with a heads up, so I stopped by after work to take some quick photos.   He mentioned that they determined the slope of our yard was going to be 6%, which he said was almost flat but still enough to drain.  This was one thing I hadn't thought of --  some yards apparently need a much more severe slope to properly drain.

And the digging has begun
Construction Driveway
Side view of our corner lot with the neighbor in the background
Closeup of "Our Hole"
I snapped a photo of the next door neighbor (no bricks yet) and the across street neighbor (courtland that just got bricked)


One last thing to mention.   PM said framing will begin 3 weeks from yesterday -- which is perfect.  I will be out of town most of the next 3 weeks and it would kill me to miss the walls and roof going up.

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