Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 87 Our Inspection (passed) and County Attempt #2 (failed)

Today was a day of inspections.  First was the county, and they failed again, this time with 1 item.  The inspector can't see the tempered glass sticker on all 3 panes of shower stall glass.  PM assures me this will not delay occupancy.

Then I got there around 3:30 for the appointment with our personal inspector. The final grading was finishing up and looks great.  Enough of a grade to avoid any water issues but not enough to be annoying.  Plus there is a decent flat space in the back and side yards.   Anyway, our inspector lives near by and has looked at the house a good half dozen times so far, so there wasn't much in the way of surprises that have not been previously addressed.   Spent 90 minutes with us, and it was well worth the money.

Below is the list I sent to our PM.   My biggest concern is the dishwasher installation technique and the current height of the lamp post.  I am sure all of these items will be addressed before friday.

No photos for now, but I will have a bunch either on Thursday or Friday.
* Midget Lamp post --   Now that the grading is done it has confirmed what I have suspected since the concrete forms went up -- the walkway lamp is super low.   It's maybe 5' above the new ground level.   Also tied into this is the switch (assuming it is last to right in foyer) does't work, or possibly the light bulbs is out.
* Sliding door -  Handle needs to be tightened and the slide stop is missing so it bangs into the fixed pane if slid too far.
* Upstairs bathroom (non-master) faucet needs to be caulked.  It wiggles a bit, and a sealing should keep it a bit more in place.
* Floor HVAC vents -  Didn't get cleaned.   Drywall dust, screws, sawdust, etc all inside.   Checked the morning room and family room ones, not sure about front half of house.
* Front Deadbolt - not lined up properly.   WAY too hard to lock, required a lot of pressure on door from inside, or serious pulling from outside.
* Kitchen Exhaust Pipe - Two segments (to the right of gas line entry) came apart.  Looks like the duct tape tore, possibly related to the kink repair in the other segment the first time.
* Floor pipe in unfinished room next to roughed bath - Plumber capped it, but there is some sort of foul liquid (hopefully not what it smells like) in there.
* Dishwasher installation -   This one I noticed right as we were finishing up because the sides appeared to be missing trim (I could see the shims).  The granite/cabinet installers didn't put in a screw strip (not sure real term) under the counter where the dishwasher goes, so the DW installer had nothing to screw into except 1" of air and then granite.   Their solution was to shim both sides and screw through the tub/shim into the cabinet.   This is outside the door seal, but my concern is the who did this installation (non-standard) could have invalidated the warrantee.   GE states that improper installation invalidate any claims, so I need some assurances that either GE did the installation,
* Missing Fridge - Just so there is no miscommunication, we are still missing the fridge (4EF is the RH Code, 25.3 Cu Ft model).  I know this goes in last, but just making sure this will be there.
* Water shutoff in yard -   These are now obviously below grade.
* Water Shutoff access panel in basement - We thought this was to be painted wall color


  1. Our switch for our lamp post is next to the garage door very low on the wall. Perhaps yours is there too?

  2. I was thinking that the lamp post had a light sensor because my last house had that. So the post out in the yard is controlled by a switch?

    "Floor pipe in unfinished room next to roughed bath - Plumber capped it, but there is some sort of foul liquid (hopefully not what it smells like) in there." o.0 I would like an update on that one once you find out what the deal is!

    1. apparently it was 'cleanup sludge' or mop water basically from when the cleaned the cement (pre carpet). The cap just kept it contained. It was definitely funky smelling, but glad it wasn't urine (not the right color...)

    2. Good deal, thanks for the follow-up.

  3. Our lamp post does have a sensor, but you can turn the light off with the switch. It's right on the other side of the wall from the outlet for the light.

    1. Seems to be the same for us. Switch controls if it works or not, sensor controls if it turns on or not. So it has to be on and dark...

    2. Learned something new there about the post switch, thanks!

  4. Our neighborhood doesn't have switches for the lamp posts, just light sensors. I think it was a way for the developer to not put many street lights up.