Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 85 - Concrete... It's hard and it cracks...

Yesterday (Saturday) was day 85.  They say the yorkshire is an 85 day build, and they are pretty darn close.   If I didn't could the permit delays early on they would have been done in 85.   As of today they have 99% of the house done.   I have 1 inside issue still (trim in 1 wall of 1 room) and it needs a deep cleaning still, but even today it is in better shape than most houses you would move into.

Final Inspection is scheduled for tomorrow (monday, day 87).   Fridge is still missing. Stove burners are still not calibrated correct/even.

Onto the concrete.    They power washed the garage floor on Friday afternoon.   So, on Saturday when I stopped by you could see the floors for the first time in months.  Previously there was dirt and plaster, and dust all over the place.

Now there are cracks... and a lot of them.   The entire basement slab (1500 sq ft...) had zero noticeable cracks.   Garage has a few dozen.  And some appear to still be below the surface.  

First off -- I KNOW there are 2 rules of concrete  -- 1) It's hard, and 2) it will crack...   But there are a lot of them on this slab.  None are deep, or wide (1/8", maybe 1/4" at most... most are 1/16") but they are long (10' to 10").

I went back this morning (Sunday) and in the daylight, without camera flash making it look worse, and the floor dry, it looks better than it did, but I am still not thrilled with this.  Properly cured concrete should not spiderweb like this.  In the back of my mind I keep remembering how they failed initial inspection on this slab pre-pour and had to get an engineered slab, which makes me nervous also.  

I walked around the street and checked out the other slabs.   I think I was lucky on the basement slab (no cracks, where most others have some), and every other garage has some cracks, but not like us.   Maybe this is the concrete karma evening out for the extra wide driveway.

Emailing PM about this.   Not expecting a resolution before closing, but this will be brought up.  And I will continue to bring it up (survey... 30 day, 10 month inspection).    


  1. Wow. I can't wait to read about your PM's response.

    1. I already know what he is going to say. I just want him to explain the number, state at what point it becomes a concern, and clarify at what size crack they would replace the slab. Basically CYA for if the cracks increase in the future and become a more serious issue. They look like crap, but I can get over it, but if it effects the quality or integrity of the slab then they will be on the hook for replacement down the road.

  2. If you epoxy the wouldn't see those, right?

    1. Correct... but you have to reapply every few years... and probably fill some of the cracks before you apply.

  3. Ugh... I hate to see this for your sake and because I know what that means for me too :-(

    You have likely already read this since you are up to speed on just about everything, but thought I would post it just in case to put some numbers behind what the cover in the warranty:

    Warranty manual:

    Page 18 (labeled 16)

    3. Possible Condition
    Cracking of slab in attached garage.

    Performance Standard
    Cracks in garage slabs in excess of 3/16 inch in width or 1/8 inch in vertical
    displacement shall be repaired.

    We will repair cracks exceeding maximum tolerances by surface patching or other
    methods as determined by us.

    1. I just found that again this afternoon. The vertical displacement ones are the real concern (settling underground). Mine are just like finding paint swirls on your brand new car. It pisses me off, and really shouldn't be there, but it has no real effect and 99% of all people would never notice it -- yet it will drive me crazy.

      Honestly I expected a crack or 2. It is the number that has be annoyed. Somebody didn't mix or cure that batch of concrete correctly.