Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 83 - Black Bean = Brown?

Stopped by quickly after work today.  House was locked, but the front door is now painted and the trim installed (sort of).  The trim is technically nailed up now, but I really hope more work remains on this.  Huge gaps, not level, etc.    

Concrete molds were off so we could walk around on it a bit (pace off that helipad ;-) but they still need to clean it up, backfill, and make it look good.

Onto the door color...   neither my wife or I really remembered picking the siding, shutters, and door colors.  After picking the brick I remember chasing a toddler (ours) around the model most of the time until I distracted her with some Dora on Netflix on demand.   Fast forward 6 months and all I knew was the selection sheet said Black Bean.    To me that meant black or something close.   Apparently it's a dark brown.   Truly it looks better than black would.  It's a perfect match for the shutters and brick, but I wasn't expecting it.

Some googling on the product number turned up the exact Sherwin-Williams paint they use.   VERY good to know for touch up purposes.  Glad I dug a bit before emailing the PM.   

Front Door with Trim installed
Black Bean?


  1. I like the color.

    That was a good find on the paint information. That will come in handy.

  2. I am color ignant, and from the distance shot it looks black but the last, closer shot shows some of that brown. I like it, very cool.

  3. Black bean was the original color we chose for our door (before we decided that Autumn Beige wasn't for us) and indeed, it is a deep brown. Love the color!