Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 79 - Homestretch

Our house is officially locked now.   I stopped over on Satuday and all the carpet pad was in with the carpet just starting to go down.   When we stopped back at 6 it was all in but we were locked out :-(  

Yesterday the sales rep sent us some updated photos of the deck going in.   They finally got permit approval to build it.   Apparently the post closest to the house had to be dug 9 feet (NINE!!!) deep because the inspector said it had to go into undisturbed soil and it was close to the dig out from the basement.  

Still no pour on the driveway or sidewalk, but the forms still look good.  They covered my 2" PVC properly with gravel, so it should be good when they pour.  

Schedule wise we're still looking good.  I think the deck finishing up, concrete, and gutters are the only big things left.   I have a list of touch up items they need to address and a bunch of cosmetic, but that can be knocked out in a day or two.
13 days until closing...


  1. Wow, 9' is deep indeed! Awesome that you are scheduled to be in there in just 2 weeks. You can keep close tabs on my place then ;-)

  2. the deck is looking good. Will it have a railing?

    1. I hope so... The steps aren't even attached yet, so I am assuming there is more work to be done.