Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 64 - Cabinets and Stuff

Stopped by today (shocker, I know...)  with my parents who are visiting for the weekend to show off the house.   It had only been 2 days but a lot of stuff is coming together.
  • Guardian terminated all their lines.   Not sure if they messed up in the basement or not.  I need to open their panel to confirm.   I had requested, twice in writing, that they leave all the cables at their full length (roughly 6') and it looks like they cut them all to size to fit in their box.   If this is the case then they are going to be making me a bunch of 6' jumper cables
  • Fireplace granite installed, mantle trim installed (Tropical Brown granite, looks great)
  • Counters are in, and look great.   Funny enough they are almost the exact same ones as in our current house.  At least our taste is consistent.  There is a ding over the refridgerator but not bad and probably not noticeable even.   I will mention it to the PM at some point, but I might let this one slide.
  • AC unit is on, but not hooked up. 
  • Most of the doors are in (not basement)   Basebord trim is coming along.    Bathroom mirrors are in, countertops are in but 1 needs to be replaced (warped) and the somebody already caught it and marked it (guessing it was our PM)
  • Lastly, no siding yet, but they were hooking up their scaffolding today and I would guess knocking it out tomorrow (mothers day??!?) or monday.   
We got to meet 2 of our neighbors also.   Thomas stopped by and introduced himself briefly.   They are 2 months behind us and breaking ground next week.   I look forward to raiding his and his neighbors construction dumpsters for 2x4's (Sgt. Rich style) for summer shelf projects.

Also met the kids of our across the street neighbor and they were extremely polite.  Always a good sign.

Things are really starting to move fast now,  just like everybody predicted.


  1. Nothing like meeting in person after I just got done playing paintball with my brother. I looked a little messy there.

    I think that we are going to be the dumpster crew in the neighborhood pillaging the spoils.