Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 81 - Deck and NVRM Issues

Quick update -- Not a lot has changed on the house.  The deck is basically done now and looks really good.  It will look even better with some stain on it, but that project can wait a few months.   No concrete yet, no gutters,  but a lot go blue tape all over the walls where all the touch up are.   Hopefully this is just the first pass though because they missed a few (and I might have added a few pieces of tape to help out...)

The real drama of the day was that we closed on our old house 36 hours earlier than expected, so there was a bunch of running around 

...and as to be predicted NVRM is having issues keeping their head out of their ass as usual (unrelated to old closing).   My general dissatisfaction with NVRM continues to decline. After asking them repeatedly for months what we needed from old-house closing they continued to insist nothing.  They were proceeding as if it was not going to sell and said there were no issues.  I even emailed them this morning with a 10-day out check-in email to make sure we were on track and they said everything is fine.  I hadn't heard from them in 8 days so I was getting nervous.     Then an hour later they said that everything had changed, they now needed to see the all the closing info from old-house.   Seriously???    110 days into a 120 day process and NOW you figure this out? After I have been asking at least 6 times this exact question.   What would happen if I wasn't emailing them to check up like they are a kid?    The people I am dealing with are truly nice people, but this stuff isn't rocket science and I feel like I am constantly asking them questions they should be asking me and I am the one making sure THEY do their job and there are no issues delaying closing.  It is a very backward relationship.   I don't doubt (yet) that we will close on time, but mainly because I am riding their ass for the next 10 days and they will make it work just to get me off their case -- but I would not use NVRM again.  On the other hand,  I have absolutely NO issues with the builder side of the house.  Things are looking great, so I guess I can't bitch too much (but I just did :-)    

I feel better after a quick blog vent.


  1. Everything looks awesome -- esp that deck!

    Total suckage on NVRM front. I'm baffled how they thought that it wouldn't be relevant info. Kudos to you for your diligence.

  2. Hmm, looks like I will have to do some check-ins as well here.

    **Places cowboy hat on to herd some cats**

  3. Decks looks awesome! I told my husband the day that we closed that I was pretty sure I was more excited about never having to deal with NVR again than actually closing on the house. It started out great, and ended up a nightmare. So glad to be done with them.

  4. a year before building, we were trying to get approval to build with Ryan. The rep for NVR was horrible. So many hoops we jumped through, led to believe we are good to go, excitement built then dashed, etc... So we pulled out of the whole thing and gave it a break. When we came back, when talking to the (new) sales rep, I was very specific with my dissatisfaction of NVR. The NVR rep (a new one as well) showed up and promised a good experience given our unhappiness before. Sure enough, no problems. Very smooth.
    So my recommendation to all that read this.....walk into the process telling them that NVR better be rock solid or they can piss up a rope.