Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 54 - Salsa Music and Drywall Mud

Drove over after work and immediately heard blasting salsa music from inside.   That can only mean that work was underway.   Based on the amazing job and stellar pace of the other latino crews I knew they would be pretty far along (seriously, framers kicked butt,  electricians, took a week).  In the 48 hours since I had been there all of the drywall was installed and todays team was finishing up the first coat of drywall tape and mud.    I stayed out of their way but checked out all the rooms and it looks great.   The crew chief chatted me up for a bit but I didn't want to slow the pace so I got out of there.

I'm relieved that the family room doesn't feel too small without the 4' extension.  This was a tough call, but with the extra window it feels very open.   Some rooms feel smaller now (Study, Dining room) but I love the openness of the back half of the house.  

Brick is all done, siding this week.   Susposedly the drywall is done by Saturday and ready to paint.   
NVR setup our closing time and confirmed our date today, so we're good to go for June 8th.   

Tons of photos below.   Click on one to start a slideshow.


Family Room

Bedroom #4 (smallest)

Master BR

Master Bath

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3


Basement towards eventual Bar area

Pool table area?

My Media Room :-)

Eventual office, and only basement window

Kitchen towards FR and Morning Rm



  1. We plan on putting a bar and a pool table in the same places.

    If your office is in the basement, what are you using the study for?

  2. I vote pool table :-)

    Here is a sweet basement:

    1. There's room for a bar and a pool table in the Yorkshire basement!

  3. Pics look awesome! And also curious about the second study?

    (The Tuscan basement is also awesome, Thomas! Love the ceiling!)

  4. A bit of explanation on the Study and 2nd office area (basement) The plan for the upstairs study (aka Formal LR on the plans) is to use it as a library (we have tons of books, will cover most of 1 wall) and a place for the kids to do homework/use computer and still have some supervision in a few years. For the first 6 months it will probably be our "Miscellaneous Storage" room of unpacked boxes. Everybody has a room like that after they move.

    The basement under the Morning Room is ~ 10x20, and is currently unfinished. I plan to finish this room as MY office and possibly include a pull out couch as a 2nd guest bed. In addition to my day job I also do IT and network consulting on the side (~20 to 40 hours a month) AND I'm a part time photographer (no sleep for me). Photo editing needs a room with controlled light, which is why the basement is perfect. Plus, I can write off the entire expense to finish it and also the basement bathroom (we had RH rough in that bathroom).

    1. A man of many trades there, impressive. Definitely good to be busy with a versatile set of skills!

  5. Your house looks great. I love the brick color. What color is it?

    1. I think it is called Seneca Blend. We're very happy with how it turned out, but it is hard to tell the differences with the small samples they show you.

  6. Everything looks great! We had a few trips to our house where we heard slasa music blasting as well :) Yesterday their was a young gentleman there doing some handyman jobs with tenny bopper music baring. I had to giggle. We plan to use our main level study as a staging area for moving boxes for the first few months too! Eventually, we'd like to get some nice office furniture and use it as a fancy place to check email, pay bills and blog (of course)!