Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 75 - Naked Floors, More Dirt, and Buried Pipes

Our PM called with an update this morning.   He says everything is on track to be done 3 days before closing.   Concrete is going in tomorrow, carpet on Saturday, first cleaning this weekend also. Next week is all the little touch up stuff.

They definitely added a bunch more dirt today.  The slope to the front yard is not too extreme, so no worries.    They also uncovered the hardwood floors, so we got our first look at how they really will look (but a lot dirtier still).

Lastly... I have been kicking around this self-installed sprinkler idea for a few days.   One problem was the hose bib was on the far front of the house away from the garage and there is about to be a sideway in the way.     On the way out of the community today I ran into our PM and ran an idea past him.   

He had no objections so after dinner I went to Lowes and got two 2" PVC 10' pipes and caps for each end.   I cut them down to 8' and installed 1 under the front steps and 1 under the sidewalk where it connects to the garage.   [See pics below]    The eventual idea is to run water lines/hoses (3/4") and/or power through the pipes.   At the minimum I will run a low voltage wire for landscaping lights through the steps pipe.  Our power outlet is right by the water...   Probably an extension cord for Christmas lights too.   Tons of uses and 2" should be enough.   Hopefully the concrete crew won't tear them out.  Maybe I should have written do not remove in spanish also, now that I think of it...  


  1. Glad everything is on track. That is good that the PM was cool about the pipes. It is definitely on my list to do the same.

  2. Wow! Everything looks great. Even with the floors being dirty, they look great. It's going to look amazing once it's all cleaned up. Glad your PM was cool about the pipes. Ours was not cool with us adding anything, but he was amazing with everything else, so I'll forgive him :)

  3. I got lucky and my PM bought 1.5" pipe for me and laid it under the concrete when it was poured. BUT, I had to come back later and cap it (nbd). I have plans to run an "invisible dog fence" through mine.