Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 74 - Granite In, No Concrete Yet.

I stopped over hoping to see some concrete progress,  instead I found an exterior trim painter and an empty house.    Seizing the opportunity I did a good 45 minute walk through.  Checked lights, baseboards, overall trim, etc.   No major issues.  1 wall of trim is pretty bad but I think they are already on top of that one.  Somebody marked a big X on it and popped the caulk.  

The granite is in and I love how it looks with the floors and cabinets.   It's hard to take a good photo because it reflects everything, but the last photo shows off the subtle specks in the stone and actually has a bit of clean floor.

I tested out the Mwave vent, and it is actually venting outside, despite my skepticism.   All is good with that.   I just noticed the fridge is missing (kinda important) but I'm sure it will be there soon.  

Deck footers inspection failed.   Seems to be the MO for this inspector.  He always finds something, which I like as a buyer.    1 of the footer holes was too close to the foundation so it was actually in "filled" dirt, not naturally compacted dirt.  Not sure the fix, but they need to get another inspection to pass.

17 days to go and it's all starting to come together.


  1. The countertops are so shiny! Looks awesome!

  2. That was my thought exactly. Those are ridiculously shiny! Yep, a little jealous Mike...

    Do you have some pics of how they installed the microwave vent to the outside?

    1. The goes down through the wall (between studs) and across the basement floor (between joists) to the outside. It looked kinda like a between-stud air return. I didn't see how they tapped into that when they put the microwave in though. They drywallers had already covered it over, so they had to cut through 2 layers to get inside the vent.