Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 52 -- Finally I can breathe a bit.

Huge day all around on the house front.

First off -- Pre-daywall inspection was today.   Pretty uneventful.    45 minute walk through with PM.   Most of it was stuff I had seen before in my "self inspections", but it was good to have a chance to ask the PM questions.    I had noticed the PM had the gasoline moved in the unfinished part of the basement, and I thanked him for that.  He knows I plan to finish that room, and it makes the ceiling a lot easier without a big pipe running down the center.

Closing date is now set for June 8th, and PM says this is a firm date.   So that was good news.

Second, the offer came in on our current house, which is a huge load off my shoulders now.   We convinced them to close by the end of May (they are paying cash!!! WTF?) since there is no bank evolvement on their end, and give us until June 15th to move out.   They came back and accepted our counter offer.   Very glad to have this wrapping up.   Hopefully there won't be any inspection issues.

Lastly is the 60/30 day NVRM lock.    I talked to the loan officer today, and after tracking rates for the last 2 weeks I think I am going to wait until 30 days out to lock (May 9th).   There difference between 60 and 30 days @4% is about $1000 more cash from NVR towards closing, and even if that goes down in the next 10 days I doubt it will go down THAT much.   even 3 weeks ago when rates sucked it was still $200 better than the 60 day is now.   It is a gamble, but low risk in my book.

Drywall has arrived

This is why they put weep holes in brick walls.  If water gets behind it flows to the bottom (Note, silver will be covered with brick eventually also, they ran out the other day)
I shuck a pull string from the guardian box through the King Stud and above the FP.   This will help me pull my HDMI with all that insulation in there.
A ranch popped up across the street over the last 3 days,  Not sure why Roto Rooter was there.


  1. Did you ask them where they keep all their gold bullion since they are throwing cash around?

  2. I think they are just throwing my own cash back at me to make me feel better. Give me $5k and I'll give you $1500 back. Sounds fair...