Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally Framing - Day 26

First things first -- the garage slab finally got a PASS to pour.   I talked to the PM and apparently the inspector insisted it was more than 2' deep, which required a soil compaction study and an engineer to sign off on it.   PM claims it wasn't > 2' but the inspectors word is what stands.

So I got home from a quick vacation today and drove right over because I knew today had a chance to be the framing start day.

When I got there they had the garage interior wall and 1/3 of the front up:
First 2 walls

View out our back deck (eventually w/o the work van there)

So I watched them put up the front entry wall....   tried to ask a few questions in my bad spanish (first attempt with english failed)  and learned they didn't think they would get the first floor done tonight, probably the whole thing in 5 days.    My most recent spanish lessons have come from Dora the Explorer, so unless I need to ask them how to get to Abuela's house or how to get over Strawberry Mountain, it will probably be a struggle.

Peak inside the basement from the 1 window. 

Courtland across the street - almost done.

Yard between ours on RT and neighbor. 

So I went and grabbed some dinner -- but couldn't resist -- I had to swing by 1 more time.   

Glad I did.   They were just leaving (8pm... damn!) and I could walk around a bit more inside.  
They had all the walls up except 2 small walls on the morning room and the fireplace wall.

Standing in Living room looking towards Morning Room/Kitchen/DR

Morning Room looking out the eventual front door.

Morning Room and Living room (added middle window).  There will be a deck here eventually

Got a great sunset for sticking around long enough. 

Overall things looked really good.   2 cracked top plate 2x4's, but I am assuming they will replace those before the 2nd floor goes on.  
County Sheriff stopped by while I was in the house to make sure I wasn't up to no good.   Once he saw the camera in my hand he realized I was just an obsessed home builder.


  1. Totally not house related, but I literally LOLed at your Spanish story. Our youngest is really into Diego and many of the episodes on Netflix have the descriptions in Spanish. So, I've been brushing up as well! Dora is also a favorite :)
    Glad to see things are finally moving along for you!

  2. I love the Dora reference, too! I would have been in trouble, and in the same boat as you recalling my Dora spanish. What a GREAT sunset pic. And, how great it must feel to have the walls go up around where you are standing! I will be there in a few months, but until then, I'm finding joy in reading about your experience.

  3. Did someone call the sheriff or did he just so happen to be in the neighborhood?

    That sunset is gorgeous!

    1. Normal patrol I think. I asked him and he said they try to make a pass or two since there is still active construction. Not a bad thing at all...