Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 33 - Ready to Roof

More big progress.   In 2 days they seem to have finished the upstairs (internal walls and all), got all of the decking on the roof, pre-staged the roofing materials (for tomorrow???) and weather wrapped the entire house.   And finally poured the garage slab.  Hard to believe all this is in 1 week since framing started.

All the windows are in.  Only 1 cracked, so not too bad of an average.  No garage doors, garage entrance door, or front door yet, so I can still sneak in after they workers finally leave (8:30pm tonight, seriously dedicated)

So far we have not had ANY rain since the wood was delivered -- and I am very relieved.  I know it will all dry out eventually, but I would rather not run a dehumidifier 24/7 for the first 5 years....   Assuming the roof and door go on before the weekend then I will be a very happy camper.   We're creeping up on 60 days out so I will probably give our PM a call sometime next week to see how he's feeling about calling out a closing date. 

This is 1 week into framing.  Impressive work guys. 
Eventual front door and window are currently in the living room 
Still a bit unsure on this fireplace fix.   Those studs above are anything but straight.  Not sure if they built for a 48" and shrunk for a 36"...  
Another great sunset here.  
Yeah for the engineered garage slab...

Master Bedroom

Tray ceiling in the master bedroom  looking towards bathroom

Tub deck built

House directly across the street is poured.  Not sure which model
Foyer into the attic


  1. Isn't the window above the front door supposed to be large and have am arch?

    1. That is a different elevation. We have the C elevation, which has the 2' pushed out foyer but not that huge window. I think it was another $5k for the big windows and "Quoin" corners, but it didn't gain you any space or that drastic of a visual (in my opinion). Your pricing might have been different though. Did you get the big window?

    2. I wish we could have gotten an extra 2 ft in our foyer. I think it's kinda small.

  2. We got elevation D and the big window was included. No extra cost there. We did not get the quoin corners. They were too expensive and barely noticeable.

  3. There is also a line of windows that go across the top of our front door - just like the ones down the side of it.

    1. That curved window in the door photo goes above the door (when you have 9' ceilings). Is that the same as yours? Or did you get the curve windows with 8 ft ceilings on elev D?

    2. We got the 9' ceilings. My house is going to just like the one on the top right side of my blog page - just different colors.

  4. Hello Mike,
    Our lot is the one nearest in the "sunset" picture you posted. Great posts you have here and really helpful details. Keep up the good work!