Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 47 - Almost to Pre-drywall

This has been a slow week with all the mechanicals finishing up.   I stopped by last night and the house was all locked up, so no more peaking when I shouldn't.    The framing and rough-heat inspection was scheduled for today but got bumped to tomorrow.   Judging by the neighbors permit records Final Occupancy comes 30 to 40 days after Framing inspection passes.   So that puts us on track for that early June closing they have been promising.   My running guess is June 8th, but I could see as early as the 1st. If their 84 day estimate ends up being true then they still have 36 days from today.  

The PM had our pre-drywall meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, but pushed it to Friday.   Apparently the electricians are taking longer than expected still.   He should get the crew that framed the house to do electric.   Their 12 hour day work ethic was impressive.  

Since we are within the 60 day window I have started checking with NRV mortgage every day on the updated rates.  Interesting how much they fluctuate each day.   Seems like we can get either a 4% or 4.128% ($19/month difference in payment) with some cash towards closing costs pretty easy, but that cash amount jumps around a lot.   Anywhere from 300 to $2700 over the last week or so.   No matter what rates seem to be a lot better than during that 3 week spike in late March/ beginning of April.    My goal rate is a 60-day lock @ 4% with > $1800 cash towards closing.  If I see that I will jump.    30-day rates haven't been much better than 60 day (no clue why), but I am still probably 2 weeks out from a 30 day lock ability.     However, NVRM did say that once the PM give me a closing date we can lock 30 days from that, and if RH slips on closing then NVR will extend the lock a few days.   Not sure if that is unofficial or official, but I will get it in writing if that happens.

Hopefully Friday I will have some dramatic new photos.    I know the brick should be up this week.


  1. 30 days? Our NVR rep said we can lock up to 60 days before closing.

  2. The house is looking nice Mike. I am hoping that we do not get hit with another spike when we try to close in August.

  3. We locked our rate when we were within 4 days of a 30 day lock, but there wasn't much difference and we wanted to be done with the process. We got a great rate and a good amount towards closing. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the brick!