Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 28 More walls

Site visits are becoming an addiction.   I stopped by around 7:30 this morning and all the 1st floor interior walls were up and the joists for the 2nd floor were partially in.

I noticed a huge problem with the fireplace, but I decided to give the PM a chance to notice it as well.  The fireplace was about 8" off center.   Basically there were 4 wall studs (16" each) on the right and only 3 on the left...   You can clearly see this in the last photo below.   Plus the opening didn't line up to the chimney foundation outside.  

Then -- the PM called me this morning to give me an update.   He's very good about calling with updates (or maybe he has a spy that knew I was out there this morning...)   Anyway,  I spilled the beans and told him about the fireplace.  He was pulling up as we talked and said it was definitely off and will be fixed.  

I drove by after work but it basically looked the same as in the morning.   The whole 2nd floor's floor was in and plywood'ed over, but no more exterior walls yet.
Inside Front Door
Kitchen/Laundry Room/Part of Morning Room
Huge Support beams over Garage (Bedroom above)
Living room with the messed up Fireplace


  1. Did you get the 4' extension?

    1. No, just the normal family room. Our incentive package included the finished basement, and the 4' ext with the basement finished below it was a huge expense. When it came down to it we could have either upgraded the Granite/HardWoods, or the 4', and we choose the upgrades.

      Plus, we measured our current family room and it is basically the same size as this one w/o the 4' ext. Only difference is our fireplace is along one of the long walls now.

  2. Makes sense. We only got the extension because we wanted our basement to be bigger. We almost didn't get it but decided to sacrifice something that we could add at a later time. We originally wanted hardwoods on the whole first floor but just put it in the foyer, powder room, kitchen and morning room. We can add more hardwoods later, can't add 4' to the house! I'm so excited I get to watch your house be built! We still haven't broken ground!