Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 29 - Basement Interior Walls

We stopped by today hoping to see the front 2nd floor walls up, but no luck, and no workers (not that I blame them...).    However, the basement steps were in (tempting me to peak) and when I finally gave in I was surprised to see that most of the basement interior framing was done.    As a guy, this was really exciting.  The (My) basement was starting to take shape.  My wife was a lot less excited about this development, but was relieved to see the family room w/o the 4' extension didn't feel too small. 

Lots of basement photos below.

Also -- it appears a future across-the-street neighbor found this blog :-)   Definitely introduce yourself, whoever you are.
When I stopped in to see the Sales Rep today she mentioned that he had recognized the trees in some of my early photos and mentioned it to her.   I have been purposely vague about the community location (who wants TOO much info on the internet?) but a few of the pics actually showed his lot, so it was probably pretty easy to ID for the mystery person.  Too funny...   That also means our Sales Rep (Hi Elizabeth...) and probably PM are following along now.   Thankfully they have been amazing (so far ;-) so I haven't had any real complaints.    I will feel slightly guilty sneaking around and taking photos now though.   My cover has been blown.

Anyway, basement photos.
Open part -- Furnace room in middle 
Furnace in middl again, Media room behind that to the left

Unfinished room 1 (eventual home office) looking into Media Room

Unfinished 1 again - Water shutoff near back wall, just above where power panel will go

Unfinished area 2 (rough bath room to left).  No clue what that black PVC thing is for...

Better shot of the bath rough-in.  Shower drain is there too, but probably won't install.

This was the only WTF in the basement.  Not sure if that even counts a a framing job. 

I need to call Guardian and tell them to install there box here.  There isn't going to be enough room in the furnace room.


  1. Did you find out what that PVC thing is that is randomly in the middle of the floor?

    1. I'm not 100% sure but it is probably either a drain clean out plug (possibly the basement bathroom combined line) or a water main shutoff (doubtful). There is a very similar one in the Furnace room. I'm pretty sure the water comes in under the morning room, which is what that PVC is for (main shutoff in the floor).

      All that said -- 2 different people (not the PM, haven't asked) have said they cut them flush to the ground and plug or cap them no matter what they are. So no worries unless they don't do that.

  2. Hi Mike,
    That was me talking to Elizabeth. I had mentioned to them that I saw a blog thread where sheds were not allowed on the corner lots because of the HOA, and I was a little upset about it (still am). I was wondering if you saw it in the HOA rules or if you spoke with someone there? Sorry, I spilled the beans there when I was talking with them about it :-)

    1. Great to meet you (online). If you see me at the house make sure you say hi.

      The shed thing is definitely in the HOA agreement. I can't remember if I noticed it, or if Sales Reps did, but I remember being glad we got the 3 car as a result -- that said, there is a bit in that agreement that is not enforceable, so it might be worth while to press the issue (maybe the corner of the lot farthest from the street). I'm not a lawyer, but who ever the lawyer is that wrote that thing did a sloppy job.

      My complaint with the agreement is that the section on restrictions on satellite dishes is completely illegal and unenforceable. FCC rules ( supersede the HOA agreement, but they still try to slip them in saying you must apply for permission to install DirecTV and they can tell you where you can install or not.

      I don't have an immediate (first year) need, but I would be interested in pressing the shed issue if you do.