Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 38 - Shingles and Pipes

After being away for 48 hours I stopped by after work.   The plumbers were there tearing the place up (in a good way) so I didn't look around too much.  Last thing I want to do is hold them up.

  • Shingles in
  • Bathtub is almost there.
  • Guest shower in place
  • Water and Drains are in progress.  
The only things unusual are the water in the basement and my 2" PVC.   Basement water is from a still unknown source (possibly the missing basement window) and people say totally normal, but still not something I wanted to see.   I will be checking with the PM to make sure he knows where it came from.

The 2nd thing is the plumbers installed the 2" PVC from the furnace room to attic that I requested.  This $275 pipe will save $2750 in guardian expenses for future drops.   Plan is to have the master bedroom and family room guardian wired (living room and parts of the basement too) with the included drops and do the rest of the bedrooms myself (cost about $10/drop and 30 minutes) using this PVC as my path from the basement to the attic.   Basically anything that is accessible after drywall I will do myself.   I am sure guardian does good work, but at $125 per drop it is anything but a good deal.   Plus they won't do anything custom.   Want 2 HDMI's?  That will be $1200 because we only do HDMI included with the HDTV package and 1 max, no substitutions.   It was a quick meeting.  Nice guy, plenty of better ways to spend my money.   On that note, I am meeting with them on Thursday to mark the drops they are going to install.

Shingles ON.
Tub almost there
Guest Shower
My 2" Basement to Attic PVC 
Grrrrr.......  Deep Breathe...


  1. I am getting the 2" pipe as well. I thought that was a great idea from you and other posters.

    House is looking good there.

  2. Your house is really coming along nicely! We toured a Yorkshire before we decided to build and it's a great floor plan.

    Water was something I was really worried about, and apparently, it is something our PM doesn't like to deal with. After our basement was poured, our sump pump was turned on and powered externally. We never asked about that, but I was so glad he did. We had a missing basement window until last week also.

  3. How does this 2" inch PVC pipe work.....I to am looking to save money and opt not to do pre wiring with Guardian and have heard about the attic to basement pipe....but how will it actually work??

  4. Basically you do your own wiring and use the PVC as your pathway from the basement to the attic, from the attic you can drop down into the walls to add network drops. Not a novice job, but also not that complex.

  5. Were you the one that chose the color of the shingles? If you are, then you have the skills to perfectly match two different tones of colors. That being said, those shingles perfectly complements your gray colored sidings. It definitely helps your house stand out from the other houses. By the way, what type of shingles did you use? Is it a metal or asphalt shingle?