Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 34 - Seal'er Up!

House was pretty much sealed up today.  Great news in case it rains.  I have been paranoid about this  Any day now I am going to have to start asking for the keys to get in (boo...).   
  •  Front door and surround windows installed.   
  • Both Garage doors installed
  • Garage firedoor (interior) installed
  • deck exit blocked off until deck installed.
I'm guessing there was an issue with some of the house wrap.  Yesterday the whole 2nd floor was wrapped, but today they took off the bottom half over the whole rear.  

Shingles tomorrow and the PM is supposed to call with a schedule update.  We're less than 60 days out, but won't get our closing date for another week or so (pre-drywall meeting).

Tar paper on the roof. Shingles Tomorrow
Fireplace in, centered (!) and looking good finally
Got Garage Doors today

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  1. Looking good! Still jealous of that 3-car garage ;)