Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 31 - 2nd Floor Rises

Big progress today!    Basically the entire 2nd floor is up (or will be by the time they eventually quit for the day).   I stopped by around 3pm and they had all of the walls up and were just finishing the roof trusses and "end cap" trusses.

It looked like they started to wrap the first floor but it was super windy so I think they finally stopped...  

I ran a few errands and picked up our daughter, who wanted to come back and see the house -- so I had to oblige, of course.    Two hours later (no photos) it appeared they were working on the interior walls of the 2nd floor.  

Very exciting progress all around.

Front.  Obviously

Side Entry Garage view with bedroom above.

Garage straight view.   Nice that driveway will be straight in but tapered a bit.

The back.   The overhang from the bedroom is screaming for an awning and a patio :-)

This is the crazy sh*t these guys do... They can not possibly pay them enough. 


  1. Looks great. Amazing progress! Our kids love going to see the house too. What an exciting adventure to share as a family :)

  2. It's huge! Looks incredible! I love the side entry garage!

    1. It definitely looks bigger than it is. The 3 windows across the garage give it that wide appearance. I'm still shocked at how fast it is going up.

  3. Omg! Watching your progress is making me so much more excited for mine!! So jealous that you are so far along already!