Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 44 - Almost to pre-drywall, Had first inspection

Few new things, but not much dramatic.   The electric/plumbing/HVAC all appear to still be in progress, but wrapping up.  I could tell the sump pump is now running from outside, which makes me very happy (basement water phobia) and also confirmed for me I need a battery backup and spare pump.  There hasn't been much rain lately and it was churning away.   Granted, we have no gutters and the sump dump is putting the water 2' away from the house for now, but I still think we will have the pump run more than I expected.

The bricks came on Friday, which is exciting.  Hopefully we will have some brick progress this week to show off.   It's the right color (Seneca Blend) which is about all I can tell.

PM had the studs above the fireplace fixed and even added some cross studs when I told him we plan to mount a TV over there.  Very nice of him.

I also got my first report from MY inspector this weekend.  I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I have a contractor doing inspections for me during construction.  He also used to be a RH PM, and happened to train my PM about 8 years ago.   He is inspecting at foundation (weeks ago), initial framing, pre-drywall (now), and pre-closing (walking through with me pre official walkthrough).  He isn't a certified inspector or anything, but I trust him a heck of a lot more than those horrible inspections realtors set you up with.   Watch Holmes Inspection on TLC once if you want to question the value of a certified home inspector.  Having professional eyes look at the process on my behalf is an investment in my own sanity.

There were no issues at foundation of framing, but he found a few minor things at pre-drywall that would have eventually been a pain in the butt.  Biggest was that the electrical for our basement bath rough-in was run right through the middle of where the eventual door will go.   So we would have been paying for the electric rough-in (and all the plumbing work), but would have to yank it all out.   I passed all the info along to the PM and I don't expect it to be an issue.  He has been super responsive to everything so far.   I don't expect him to catch every little thing -- but I do expect him to fix it when I catch them, and I have no complaints.


  1. That was cool that he got the cross studs added there. Sounds like a decent guy.

  2. Cross Studding is a great idea that many can do them selves. If you think you may want to add a tv to a wall in the family room or even in the bedroom, adding a few cross studs would be huge. A cordless drill, some pre-cut chunks of wood, and some screws and nobody will no the wiser.