Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guardian - Low Voltage Wiring

So -- now that our structural changes are locked in and the blueprints have been ordered -- we move onto the interior selections.  Basically the Audio/Video/Network options and all the flooring.

First up was the Guardian representative.  Very nice guy, but unfortunate for him I already knew exactly what I wanted.  And I also knew that I was willing to wiring the entire upstair myself instead of paying $125 per cable for them to do it.   Ryan Homes agreed to run a 2" PVC conduit from the basement to the attic for me ($250 charge), so running wires to the bedrooms will be easy with that to feed through.

My only future issue is that I need to run 1 HDMI cable from above the fireplace to the baseboards.  Hopefully I can get somebody to drill a 1" hole through the wall studs for me pre-drywall.   Otherwise I will have to get creative.  Guardian wanted $450 to run this wire.   I can pay somebody to replace the drywall and repaint for $200 + the $10 HDMI cable.

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