Monday, January 23, 2012

Permits and Stalking

So this is the downtime before construction.

All the selections have been done.

All the deposits have been paid.  Loan has been approved.   Current house is on the market.

There is nothing left to do until the pre-construction meeting.

I can't help it, but I have been driving through the neighborhood every few days.  Basically anytime I am in the area I do a pass through.    In the last 2 weeks the house across the street has finally started.  They are probably a good month ahead of us, but now their foundation is in.   It's interesting to see the shape of the house and be able to identify the floor plan (Courtland with side entry garage) based on the basement outline.

There is also a Yorkshire around the corner that is getting close to done.  This has the same front as ours but with a front entry garage.  Now that the brick is up you can really see it taking shape.    Then I met a neighbor the other day who was out taking photos of his Yorkshire while I was driving around (aka "stalking the neighborhood").  They have a completely different front and reverse floor plan though -- so you can barely even tell it is the same house.  So far there are 3 of our model out of 15 or so, but all 3 are very different.   Interesting to see how opposite people can configure the same plan.

Finally, today I noticed the permit application for the lot next to us was just filed.   They are supposed to be 1 or 2 weeks ahead of us, so we are getting close.   I'm guessing permits will be filed around Feb 1st.

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