Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yorkshire it is

I guess the first post hinted at it, but we ended up selecting the Yorkshire model with a bunch of add ons.  The traditional colonial style appealed to us even before we decided to build -- so the Yorkshire was an easy choice.

There were a few major choices we made right off the bat.

  1. A 3 car side entry garage was an almost necessity.  The HOA rules don't allow a rear shed if you live on a corner lot, so the extra storage space will be needed.
  2. Finished basement with Media/Theater room :-)
  3. Morning Room (aka Breakfast Room) with a 14x12 deck.
  4. Gourmet Kitchen with the big island, 42" cabinets, granite, and a gas range.
  5. 9' Celings on the 1st Floor and a gas fireplace in the Family Room.
  6. and finally the Upgraded Owners suite.  Really this was just to get the nice bathroom.
All said and done it will be 4 bedrooms, 2 Baths upstairs.  1/2 Bath on the 1st floor, and a rough in for a full bath in the basement.

1st Floor.


  1. I am so jealous of your 3-car garage with side entry! We are building the Yorkshire too. We aren't able to fit the 3-car or the side entry garage on our lot. We have half an acre but it's more long than it is wide and the Yorkshire is such a wide house.

  2. We are on a .35acre corner lot, so it worked out. The side entry is actually off the other street so the drive didn't eat up too much yard.

    I love the yorkshire, but there aren't too many of the RH blogs that seem to build it. There is a 2car front entry in our neighborhood, and to be honest I was very tempted to switch at the last minute.

  3. I feel like the side entry, with three windows makes the front of the house look so much bigger and it's already a HUGE house! I've been looking for other Yorkshire bloggers and you are the only one I've found so far. Do you know of any others?

  4. Nope. Just us. I searched a lot before deciding to build and there were none in my community at all and nobody that was doing a Yorkshire. That said, 2 have finished in our community since we signed and 2 more are under construction (1 is ours). It is becoming very popular for some reason.

    Once nice thing we found out w/ the 3car + 9' ceilings is they have to match the windows (keystone and all) to the house. W/o the 9' ceiling it would;t have a keystone and would be a little bit off. Our SR noticed the plans were a little ambitious at the pre-con and the PM checked with the factory, they said it would be included that way but were not sure if it was standard. I guess the combo is not that normal.

  5. I think the Yorkshire is one of the more expensive houses to build. All of the upgrades, such as the flooring cost more because the house is so big. It's also not offered in most communities because it's too big for most lots. Out of the 14 states that Ryan builds in, you can only get it in 4. Our community was the only one anywhere near Columbus, OH that offers it and and they just started offering the Yorkshire recently. There are already four of them, I can't remember if ours is included in the 4 or if we are the 5th.

    I look forward to following your blog since you are so much farther along in the process as us! You also seem very knowledgeable about everything.